A one-stop platform that gives users a complete view of digital assets and tools to make great investment decisions.

Do you plan a metaverse feature to visit a world and watch your portfolio or the market in a virtual world?
At this point, we do not have plans to develop a metaverse feature, the technology is still in its early phase and our expertise is to provide our users with…

When stacker ventures invested into Saren there was a time lock on their tokens what will happen when they receive Orbit?

Yes, their tokens will be locked still until their unlock period.

You mentioned the possibility of a locking period for the IDO purchasers and current SAR holders that was…

With the launch of version 2 around the corner, we are trying to make sure to keep our community up to date and give them a chance to ask any questions before the launch.

Here are the questions from this week’s AMA.

How will the marketing plan of Orbit look?

We would like to apologise for the lack of communication over the past few weeks, we have been working hard behind the scenes to get the project a completely new look!

We’re also excited to announce the hiring of our COO — Rahul Luthra

Rahul is a seasoned product designer…

Password based authentication is an insecure approach to online transactions.

Multi-factor schemes add more friction that reduce user adoption and productivity. New data privacy laws and regulations act as minefields of security and customer experience issues that are costly and ineffective.

What is Decentralized Authentication?

Our research project, at Saren explores the business applicability…

Orbit DeFi

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